Our Mission & Values

QHDT focuses on teaching student’s practical skills they can use in their professional careers, such as how to manage large teams, model with CAD, develop software, manufacture parts, and facilitate strong relationships with corporate partners. Our subsystem managers share expertise and guide students on how to use programs such as ANSYS, Solid Works/Edge, Auto CAD, and others. We spend countless hours learning how to model the hyperloop, and work with various practical engineering problems. Finally, QHDT is supported by students who market, publish, and raise funds for the team. These supporting functions teach students business skills which can be applied when they graduate.

We leverage the amazingly talented students within the Queen's community to work in a crossfunctional team, striving towards a shared goal. As our team is currently in its fourth year, we would still consider ourselves a start-up team. We are working on fully utilizing resources from within the university, such as: faculty advisors, working with other design teams, and forming partnerships with organizations in Kingston, ON. Together we are designing, building, and testing a new innovative hyperloop prototype that can revolutionize the transportation industry.


What is the Hyperloop?

Spearheaded by Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX, the Hyperloop is a mode of transportation located in inside of an extremely low pressure tube and would transport people in a pod between cities at speeds of over 700 km/hr.  If fully realized, an over 5 hour travel time from Montreal to Toronto can be reduced to under 39 minutes for a price equivalent to a regular train ticket, while boasting zero direct carbon emissions.



Hyperloop pod competition

Starting in 2015, Elon Musk alongside SpaceX have invited the top leading universities to help make the above proposal a reality. Bouncing off the success of last year’s team which placed among the top 9% of the competing 1500+ universities and schools, the Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team aims to build a half-scaled pod and win the entire competition for the upcoming 2018/2019 season.