The Reality of Hyperloop

HyperloopTT Recently Revealed Full-Scale Passenger Capsule

HyperloopTT Recently Revealed Full-Scale Passenger Capsule

On December 5th, 2018, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced their joint venture with a German logistics and transportation company. They hope to bring the technology to the Port of Hamburg. HTT may not get as much hype and support as their strong competitor Virgin Hyperloop, but they will be developing the same hyperloop technology. They will have the first real use of the hyperloop which involves moving freight around a yard. Not the most exciting and futuristic use, but it is the most realistic.

Many people like Elon Musk and other powerful CEO’s are pushing the idea that this technology will be used for commuting long distances in incredibly fast times. This is an achievable goal, but not necessarily in the timeline they currently have set out. The present reality is that the first uses of hyperloop technology will be used to improve shipping and transportation of goods.

In April, HTT started to produce a 320 meter track in Toulouse, France which will be able to carry both people and cargo with the hopes of expanding to 1000 meters in 2019. They plan to implement the first stage at Port of Hamburg which will be a 100 mile cargo route that will transport freight in a capsule.

Amy Lewyckyj