Team Updates - July 2018

As September quickly approaches, the students on Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team are excited and ready to tackle the upcoming challenges that the Fall term will bring. The team faces a tight project deadline, aiming to have completed a hyperloop pod by the end of the 2019 academic year. To meet this deadline and make sure all goals are met during the year, the summer has been busy with planning and preparation.

The team has been staying on track by setting goals and establishing a project timeline. Technical directors have been putting a lot of effort into researching everything needed to make their respective subsystems successful. This includes looking at what other competitors have done, considering possible subsystem technology, and much more. The technical directors are aiming to have a complete preliminary design developed by the end of August.

Planning has also begun for all of the events and information sessions the team will participate in throughout the year. Make sure you look out for Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team around campus when you are back at school in September! You can stop by the team’s booth that will be set up at the Sidewalk Sale, test your knowledge and have a good time at a Clark Hall Trivia Night, look forward to a visit from the team in one of your classes, and so much more!

In other exciting news, managers are being prepared on the Fall hiring procedure. If you are looking to get involved with Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team, there will be positions available for general engineers to help with the different subsystems.

Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team is full of students who are keen to learn and passionate about hyperloop technology. It will be exciting to continue to track their progress over the next few months and watch as they help make advances in the future of transportation!

Sarah Parker