“Just 3 Years Away”


Despite the deadline for the first working hyperloop with human passengers being pushed back another year according to Virgin Hyperloop One, Richard Branson (chairman of the Virgin Group) still believes the hyperloop is “just three years away.”

Many people are following the dream including Branson, but the hopes of having a real working hyperloop that’s safe for humans seems too good to be true to be completed in just three years. Despite what others may think, the billionaire Branson insists it isn’t a long-term dream.

Branson had an interview with CNBC to talk about the new opportunity that consists of a collaboration between Virgin Hyperloop One and Dubai’s DP World Cargo speed which will produce an ultra-fast system to ship goods. The goal is to transport goods at speeds of up to 620 mph which will connect to existing infrastructure. This announcement shows the close ties between Dubai and Virgin Hyperloop One by supporting them financially and most likely playing host to the world’s first fully operational hyperloop. Virgin Hyperloop One relies greatly on the major investor as well as their permission.

To conclude, all these statements are positive for the advancement towards the first working hyperloop; they just aren’t the most realistic in comparison to their timeline and these deadlines should all be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully Branson is correct and in the near future, we will be seeing a pod speed past in a tube at speeds of 700 mph!

Amy Lewyckyj