First Hyperloop Test Tunnel Opening Date Announced

Exciting advances are being made in the race to make Hyperloop transportation a reality. Just this past Sunday, October 21st, Elon Musk teased on his twitter feed that “the first tunnel is almost done”. The tunnel that Musk is referring to is the underground track that will be used to complete initial testing of a fully-functioning prototype pod, capable of transporting passengers.

CNN Business released further details about Musk’s comments. According to CNN, the test tunnel will be two miles long and will be opening on December 10th. Following its opening, Musk will be hosting a celebratory event. As part of this event, the public will have access to free rides in the hyperloop pod!

News like this proves just how far the technology has come, considering only 5 years ago, Elon Musk had only released a paper called “Hyperloop Alpha” to describe the idea and its possibilities. It is amazing that the technology has gone from paper to the start of a physical reality in such a short period of time.

Sarah Parker