Big Advances In Hyperloop Technology

A Los Angeles based company in the race to develop Hyperloop technology, called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, had a major breakthrough this month. The company publicly displayed the first-ever full-scale hyperloop pod. Named ‘Quintero One’, the capsule is a full-capability passenger pod that can reach speeds of 750 mph! It is large enough to carry anywhere between thirty and fourty people.

The pod was built in Spain and will soon be sent to France to begin testing. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is then looking to develop the first hyperloop tracks in China and Abu Dhabi.

The future extendability for such transportation is huge and can not only change lives but also help the environment. Companies are looking to make hyperloop pods fully autonomous with no direct carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This type of transportation really is the way of the future and it is exciting to see large advancements being made!

Sarah Parker